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Jl. Taman Sunter Indah
Blok KI-1 / 12
AJakarta 14350
Phone: 6500362-6519702-6522250
Fax: +62 21 652 1152


A trading company specializing in hydrocarbon solvent, P.T. Vita Tata Chemika serves the demand of various local Indonesian customers for good quality hydrocarbon solvent.


P.T. Vita Tata Chemika carries specialty products from ExxonMobil Chemical Hydrocarbon Fluids and Oxygenated Fluids. Another key specialty of P.T. Vita Tata Chemika is that we are able to provide formula customization service from our stable of various high-grade hydrocarbon solvents, thus, supplying the best blend to suit individual customer’s requirements. This further strengthens our company’s position as a key local supplier of the highest grade of hydrocarbon solvent that meets even the most stringent requirements from our customers.


P.T. Vita Tata Chemika sources the following ExxonMobil Chemical-branded Fluid products from ExxonMobil Chemical and/or its authorized distributors, and has been selling ExxonMobil Chemical-branded Fluids products since 1999.


P.T. Vita Tata Chemika has ready stock for ExxonMobil Chemical products:

Hydrocarbon Fluids: Dearomatized, Isoparaffins, Non dearomatized, Aromatics

Oxygenated Fluid: IPA


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